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About Us

BlueFish eMarketing™, is a digital marketing agency specializing in email marketing, social media and online advertising. Our digital communications harness the ever-growing power of the internet to bring brands or products to a highly targeted audience mainly in Mauritius. We apply our many learnings such as: email, social media, online advertising and our newly launched mobile application: myBlueFish to identify best practices to make our clients achieve success by providing high engagement and ultimately, leading to drive ROI based activity.

Our subscribers and members are ranged from the Top 200+ companies of Mauritius to retailers and local consumers.

As marketing strategy, all campaigns's adverts are placed on BlueFish-eMarketing.com homepage, on myBlueFish mobile app and on our Facebook pages (51k+ fans on BlueFish page), Twitter, Pinterest and other social pages + preview on Bling.mu (classifieds ad website) and a free listing on BusinessTime.mu for all new clients !

myBlueFish app for smartphone and tablet - All ads are available through myBlueFish app (iOS and Android). Users are notified by push notifications for new offers.

We rock at BlueFish ;)