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Commitment to NGOs

Our mission is to make the world a better place. We are fully committed to the NGOs that advocate for the needy, the underprivileged and at-risk women and children.

A FREE animated banner is dedicated for Non Governmental Organisations on our emailing template that reach thousands of persons and is also present on our website.

WIN, Pils, PAWS, Heart Foundation (Mauritius), Groupe Abaim, Blood Donors Association, APSA, Rotary Club of Port Louis, Junior Chamber International Mauritius (JCI) & Haemophilia Association, Lupus Alert Mauritius and World Hypertension League have got our unconditional support so far.

Animated banners are graciously offered on all our eCampaigns. Contact us for more info.

Disaster Relief & Response On Friday 17.09.2010 : Dernier appel: Fonds de Solidarité pour le Pakistan.

Community Sponsoring: Sponsorship for Pailles Village Council on the Flag Day Celebration 2010.

Events: Sponsoring Joy, on 20.01.2010 (en soutien à l’ONG Joie de Vivre
Universelle et à la création d’un centre médico-éducatif pour les enfants
atteints de déficience mentale).

Events: Sponsoring Linzy, on 01.03.2010 (de l’Ombre à la Lumière’,
pour recueillir des fonds pour des associations caritatives).

Disaster Relief & Response
: Sponsoring Solidarité Haiti, on 28.03.2010.