Supreme Court Interim Order Friday 22 Jan 2010 | BlueFish

Communiqué 25 April 2011

Interim Order issued by the Supreme Court for anti-competitive behaviour of our competitor

(Friday 22 Jan 2010)


Further to the email being circulated by RK Communication Ltd against | PiXel, we wish to reassure our subscribers, customers and business partners of the genuineness of our services. We have been granted on Friday 22.01.10 by the Hon. Judge in Chambers of the Supreme Court (Commercial Division) an INTERIM ORDER (see document below) in the nature of an INJUNCTION restraining and prohibiting RK Communication Ltd by itself or through any of its agents, préposés or other person forthwith from engaging in such anti-competitive behaviour and from sending such emails or other such communications which are baseless, unfounded, false, malicious and defamatory, calculated to and/or are potentially likely to tarnish our reputation; pending of the main case to be entered before Court.

This INTERIM ORDER is to remain in force whereby RK Communication will be summoned before the Judge to show cause why the INTERIM ORDER should not be converted into an Interlocutory One pending the determination of the main case.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for your sincerity, trust and confidence in BlueFish email and online marketing services.

BlueFish-eMarketing (Mauritius)

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Communiqué published in L’express and Le Défi-Plus: